Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Feel Extremely Satisfied

Just what is a ‘perfectly timed photo’, you may wonder. A good photo might be the result of combining two of the following three qualities:
  • perfect time
  • perfect place
  • perfect angle
A perfectly timed photo, however, is the trifecta combination of all these qualities into a single awesome photo. We’ve scoured the web for the best collections of perfectly timed photos for your viewing pleasure, and we will be posting our findings in several ongoing posts for as long as these types of photos are created and uploaded (aka, forever :)). Enjoy our first volume of the best perfectly timed photos from around the web.

1. The moon behind the Olympic rings

2. Lightning striking the Statue of Liberty

3. A diver high-fiving a humpback whale

4. Statue pinching a plane with its index finger and thumb

5. Seagull snatching a man’s icecream cone

6. A swimmer just before he breaks the surface tension of the water

7. A draining sink that looks like an eye

8. A fighter jet emerging from a cloud

9. A falling woman who doesn’t realize she’s falling

10. A bird about to swallow a berry