These Athletes Did Something You Just Wouldn’t Expect

Athletes often get a bad rap. It seems like every other day now we hear about another athlete either getting in trouble with the law, being outed as a substance abuser, or losing their vast fortune in a short period of time.
For many of us, athletes represent the lifestyles we wish we had. It’s easy to put them on a pedestal and then become disappointed when they let us down. However, like in everything in life, they’re not ALL bad. Sometimes, they surprise us, and sometimes they just down right make us laugh. Here are 7 videos of athletes NOT doing what we have come to expect them to do.

1. These boxers did NOT lose their cool

2. These fighters did NOT beat each other up

3. This hockey player did NOT help his teammate up

4. This tennis player was NOT a jerk to the ball boy

5. This hockey player did NOT let his fan down

6. These baseball players did NOT use secret hand signals

7. These hockey players did NOT join the brawl