You Won’t Believe What These Artists Made Out Of Pencils. Hint: They’re NOT Drawings.

Using pencils to create works of art is nothing new. That statement probably made you think of those lifelike pencil drawings you may have seen on your Facebook feed over the past few months. But then there are other artists who create masterpieces with pencils without drawing a single stroke.
By carving out the pencils into the shapes of common objects. This art form – pencil carving as it’s known – has become a semi-popular hobby over the past few years. Possibly the most well-known such artist is Dalton Ghetti from São Paulo, who is believed to have have started the trend, and has several jaw-dropping pieces available for viewing on his website (although sadly, none are for sale).


Another such artist is a Hungarian by the name of Cerkahegyzo, who himself declares that he was inspired by Dalton’s work. These incredibly talented artists create miniature carvings of objects out of pencils, usually just using the lead tips. They painstakingly carve out tiny bits of graphite at a time using either a sewing needle or a tiny blade, a process often requiring months or even years to complete. The result? Absolutely jaw-dropping spectacular works of art. I don’t know about you, but I can barely even sharpen pencils without breaking the tips. Here are 14 of our favorite pencil carvings you need to see to believe.

1. A hand with a rosary

Pencil Carving 1

2. A screw, a key, a saw, and a pair of hearts

Pencil Carving 2

3. A linked chain

Pencil Carving 3

4. A hand holding a flower

Pencil Carving 4

5. A pair of mermaids

Pencil Carving

6. President Obama

Pencil Carving 6

7. An alien-like creature

Pencil Carving 7

8. A bird

Pencil Carving 8

9. An astronaut floating in space

Pencil Carving 9

10. A comb

Pencil Carving 10

11. Elvis Presley

Pencil Carving 11