10 Weird Ads That Should Never Have Been Made

Advertisements are designed to capture our attention. Not surprisingly, the main purpose of advertisements is almost always to get us to spend our money on the advertiser’s products or services. If that’s not the case, ads typically aim to spread awareness about a new cause, or campaign.People are generally aversive to ads. They cut into our tv shows, distract us from our favorite songs on the radio, annoy us by popping up in our browser, and take up precious space on our phones’ screens.
And yet, they are necessary. Ads are what allow us to enjoy content for free. Download an awesome new game on your iOS or Android device recently? Chances are, it’s got ads in it.
Advertisers have a vested interest in making their ads as enjoyable as possible, and minimizing the annoyance factor. Also, people are continuously adapting to advertising techniques, which eventually renders them ineffective (you may have stumbled upon a commercial from the 90s and, if you’re like me, wondered how that product ever sold even a single unit).
For these reasons advertisers are always coming up with new techniques to captivate their audience and get their attention. This leads to some interesting forms of advertising; some are cute, some are funny, some are touching, and some are shocking. And yet there is an entirely different breed of ads that, simply put, should never have been made. Check out these 10 weird ads and let us know what you think.

1. Apparently paramedics will not help dying people who have bad breath

Weird ad 1

2. Even women undergoing chemotherapy should own this hairdryer

Weird ad 2

3. This toothbrush can clean out your ears

Weird ad 3

4. Sexually suggestive creatives about student-teacher relations is never a good idea

Weird ad 4

5. Sony Playstation’s blowup doll Ad (more from Sony to come…)

Weird ad 5

6. Somebody MUST have been snorting it to come up with this ad idea

Weird ad 6

7. This is some sort of sarcasm, for sure, but to what end?

Weird ad 7

8. Monster.com’s “Are you in the right job” ad just makes my teeth hurt

Weird ad 8

9. In addition to a paint job, this wall needs a boob job

Weird ad 9

10. Minery foot care’s ad gives a whole new meaning to ‘foot fetish’

Weird ad 10- Minery foot care