Airplanes That Almost Crashed But Amazingly Didn’t

2014 was a bad year for flying. Unfortunately, flight MH370 disappeared and was never found, and flight MH17 was allegedly shot down over the Russia/Ukraine border.
Flying airplanes is a tough job, and it’s definitely not for everyone. In addition to the stress of constantly being away from home and family, pilots are responsible for the safety and wellbeing  of hundreds of passengers that board their planes daily.
Pilots get hundreds of hours of training and often have thousands of hours of flight time under their belt. Sometimes, situations are just too tricky and pilots find themselves in some trouble. When this happens, sometimes the results are tragic and catastrophic. However, other times the pilots’ training kicks in and incredibly they are able to maintain control of the aircraft and land safely.  Here are some gifs of close calls where tragedy almost struck but thankfully disaster was averted.

1. They just couldn’t wait to start their beach vacation

2. This landing looks like a gymnastics trick gone wrong

3. mmmmm on second thought….

4. Good thing this pilot realized that landing crooked isn’t a good idea

5. Don’t you just hate airplane rush hour traffic?

6. I hope the helicopter pilot wasn’t texting and flying

7. Another chopper flopper

8. I would hate to look outside the plane window and see this

9. Apparently this is a normal landing on this island

10. I hope they had enough barf bags on board

11. This one is so difficult to watch

12. Nailed it!

13. Mid-air refuelling always seemed like a bad idea to me