The 10 Manliest Sports Of All Time. Who Would Ever Want To Play Number 5?!

The concept of sports is something that every country and culture on Earth probably has in common. Sports usually consist of some sort of activity that involves physical exertion, either done alone or in teams, and often against another individual or team. There’s some sort of scoring system involved, and an overall objective to the game. This is all pretty standard.

Human creativity and cultural elements has allowed the creation of various different types of sports over the centuries. This includes soccer (or football, if you’re not American), American football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, swimming, and many others. We even get to compete with other countries in many different sports during the seasonal Olympic games every few years. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest initiatives by man, as it provides the unique opportunity for various countries to interact with each other in a way that would otherwise not be possible.

Sports are indeed awesome. But then there are some sports that are so extreme, that it makes you question what type of person would even want to compete in them.

Only the manliest of men, of course!

1. Camel jumping in Yemen

The average camel is 7 ft. 2 inches tall at its hump. This guy manages to jump over three of them, and with about a foot of clearance below him too!

camel jumping

2. Hammer throwing in Scotland

These athletes throw 22-25 pound hammers (the equivalent weight of a two-year old baby…) about 250 feet. Just imagine trying to do that.

hammer throwing

3. Caber tossing in Scotland

In this sport, you basically pick up a 20 ft. tall, 200 lb. tree and try to throw it into a circle.

caber toss

4. Flaming coconut soccer in Indonesia

Imagine playing soccer, but barefoot. And instead of a soccer ball, you’re kicking around a hard coconut. Oh yeah, and it’s on fire.

flaming coconut soccer

5. Onabashira in Japan

This is more of a festival than a sport, and it’s played once every 6 years. But basically you take a 200 year old pine tree, and ride it down the side of a mountain, with what appears to be extremely limited or non-existent safety harnesses in place. That’s a giant “no thank you” for me.


6. Bo-Taoshi in Japan

Literally translated into “pole bring down”, in this rough sport the objective is to try and tip over and bring down the pole that the opposing team is protecting, while essentially beating the crap out of each other.


7. Buzkashi in Afghanistan

A form of polo, of sorts… the name of this sport literally translates to “goat dragging”. Two teams of 10 players compete against each other to drag a decapitated goat onto their side of the field while fighting each other, and using horsewhips.


8. Calcio fiorentino in Italy

Also known as “Florentine kick game”. Take a ball and put it on a field and watch two teams brawl against each other for it. Apparently Charles the 5th described this sport as “too cruel to be a game, too small to be a war”.

Calcio Fiorentino

9. Sumo wrestling in Japan

This one might not be unknown to you. Two giant men wearing very tiny garments push each other in a circle, trying to knock the other one out of the circle.

sumo wrestling

10. Pacu Jawi in Malaysia

Also known as “mud cow racing”. The athlete stands behind two cows, usually on a plank, and grabs them by their tails as they run between 20-30 MPH through muddy waters.

Pacu Jawi