The 9 Most Bizarre Body Modifications. What Were They Thinking??

This post may be difficult for some to view. It is certainly not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for younger audiences.
Body modifications are nothing new. We have been piercing our ears and tattoo-ing our skin for centuries. They give us style and allow us to express our individualities. And when done right, these body mods actually look good.
But of course there are always those who like to take things to the next level, and in the process, often take them a little too far. There are a few outlandishly bizarre body modification procedures that are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Some people may find these tasteful (if that’s you, please don’t move to my neighbourhood), but I’m pretty sure most of us probably have a hard time looking at them.
The worst part:
Many of these body mods are (or at least appear to be) irreversible. I guess the old saying ‘to each his/her own’ applies here.
In this post we list 9 of the most bizarre body modifications we could find. It wasn’t easy finding pictures that weren’t NSFW for this post, but it was necessary, and you can use your imagination for the rest!

1. Stretched Earlobes

I wonder how the ears would look without the earrings

2. Split Tongues

Also known as lizard tongue or reptilian tongue

3. Sharpened Teeth

Great if you want to become a vampire

4. Tightlacing

Taking ‘curves in the right places’ a little too seriously

5. Subdermal Implants

I would only want one of these if it was nuclear and powered my Ironman suit

6. Branding

Just, no thank you

7. Eyeball Jewelry

Because colored contact lenses are no longer enough

8. Corneal Tattoos

Just as gut-wrenching as Number 7

9. Anal Stretching

If you’re into that type of thing…