14 Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements That Will Make You Want To Have A Baby

Pregnancy is a precursor to one of life’s greatest joys:
You guessed it, parenthood.
Along with all the excitement, anxiousness, eagerness and worry that comes with the pregnancy territory, there is the fun part of telling all your family and friends about the good news and watching their reactions.
Nowadays, parents (and parents-to-be) are becoming more and more creative with their pregnancy announcements. Maybe because a lot of these announcements are taking place online through social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram. What better way to announce such a joyous event than through will put smiles on people’s faces?
Check out these 17 hilarious pregnancy announcements. If you’re currently pregnant (or plan to be in the near future) and wondering how to break the great news to your loved ones, you might find some inspiration from these awesome pictures. Kudos to these proud parents for stepping up their game!

1. This baby will have a crime-fighting partner in no time

Pregnancy Announcement 1

2. Every father’s worst fear (ok, not really…)

Pregnancy Announcement 2

3. This baby will need to find a new home

Pregnancy Announcement 4

4. They’re prego

Pregnancy Announcement 5

5. Severe pica is in this woman’s future

Pregnancy Announcement 6

6. The Yeah B*#@H!! Baby

Pregnancy Announcement 7

7. Classic ‘eating for two, drinking for two’

Pregnancy Announcement 8

8. Mario is waiting for his Luigi

Pregnancy Announcement 9

9. Let the junk food craving begin

Pregnancy Announcement 11

10. I wonder if they named him ‘Jack’

Pregnancy Announcement 13

11. Well we can’t let the beer go to waste now can we?

Pregnancy Announcement 14

12. Insert $0.50 for air.

Pregnancy Announcement 15

13. This couple has a bump in their future

Pregnancy Announcement 16

14. She just got notice her ‘only child’ status will be expiring and she doesn’t look happy.

Pregnancy Announcement 17