Take A Close Look At These 23 Photos That Are NOT What They Seem.

If you think photography is easy, you’re wrong. Often photographers try to capture photos in a way that will show people exactly what they were looking at, and depict it exactly as it appeared, with all the emotions that are present in the shot. This requires skill and experience.
Then, there are those times when photos are taken in such an extremely skillful manner, that they manage to convince us that we’re seeing something that is entirely different than reality!
Take a look at these 23 photos of things that are NOT what they seem. You really need to take a closer look to understand what’s going on in these photos.

1. This guy does NOT have smooth girly legs

man with legs

2. This woman is NOT missing her neck

girl with no neck

3. This guy does NOT have a female physique

boy with girl's body

4. This baby does NOT have giant legs

baby with giant legs

5. This woman does NOT have a tiny man riding on her back

tiny man riding woman

6. This player is NOT missing his head

player missing head

7. This kid does NOT have a giant left hand

child with giant hand

8. This dog does NOT have a lady’s body

lady with dog head

9. This guy does NOT have a tiny head

man with tiny head

10. This woman does NOT have a foot for her left hand

woman with foot for hand

11. This woman is NOT floating on a magic carpet

woman floatinga

12. This baby does NOT have a man’s head

baby with man head

13. This gymnast is NOT missing her head

gymnast with no head

14. This boy does NOT have his head up the dog’s butt

boy with head inside dog

15. This woman is NOT exposing her boob

girl with breast out

16. This guy does NOT have a woman’s body and an extra arm

man with 3 arms

17. This girl does NOT have man legs

girl with man legs

18. These people do NOT have their heads on backwards

guy with head backwards

19. This woman is NOT exposing rather large genitalia

girl with genitalia out

20. This woman does NOT have a man’s head.

man with woman's body

21. This woman is NOT grabbing her own crotch.

woman grabbing crotch

22. This man does NOT have a woman’s body.

man with girl's body

23. This woman does NOT have freakishly long arms.

extra long arm