9 Essential Wallet Tools You Had No Idea Existed

If you’re a gadgetphile or technophile, then this post is for you. If you enjoy life hacks, then this post is also probably for you. Who doesn’t like cool new things that come that make our lives easier? Especially when they can fit right into our pockets.

You might have heard before that “the best gadget ever is the one you have with you”. If you’re a responsible person, then you always have your wallet on you, so what better place to store a gadget than in your wallet? Of course, you can’t fit all of the below gadgets into your wallet at the same time, and some of them won’t fit into your wallet at all, but that’s why you’ve got pockets! And these bad-boys will certainly fit into a pocket. Here are 9 wallet tools you’ll love.

1. True Utility Pocket Stash

Keep your smaller items at hand with these tiny water-tight pocket stashes by True Utility. They include a fully functional lighter you can keep on your key chain.

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2. True Utility key tool

The KeyTool wraps around any key on your key chain and offers you 8 essential tools, including a bottle opener, three screwdrivers (eyeglass size, medium size, and large size), a nail file and nail cleaner, a thread cutter, and tweezers.

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3. Reusable Hand Warmers

Everybody hates cold hands. That’s why these might be one of the greatest inventions of all time. By simply clicking the tiny circle inside these packages, an exothermic (heat-releasing) reaction is initiated with the gel inside the pack, leading to instant warmth at your fingertips.

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4. Pocket Chain Saw

With this gadget you’ll have a mini chain saw with you at all times. Perfect if you’re an outdoorsy person in any sense of the word. Made with high-strength steel, this tiny chain saw is equipped with 124 bi-directional teeth and can cut through a 3″ diameter object in 10 seconds or less!

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5. Ian Sinclair folding pocket knife

This handy credit card-shaped pocket knife folds onto itself to form a handle.

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6. NomadKey phone charging cable

The charging cables that come with most phones are long and bulky, and usually too annoying to carry around. But many of us suffer from the chronic issue of low battery life on our smartphones. The NomadKey is a tiny USB cable you can carry around in your pocket and plug into any USB port to give your phone some quick juice.

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7. Wallet Ninja multi-purpose tool

The Wallet Ninja fits 18 tools into a tiny wallet sized package. The tools include a cell phone stand, screw driver and bottle opener.

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8. Credit card sized 8GB flash drive

Flash drives have come a long way and they’re crucial for transferring sensitive bits of data if you don’t trust cloud-storage services. This tiny flash drive fits into a credit card-sized holder you can keep in your wallet, and supports a whopping 8gb of storage space.

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9. Ultra slim cell phone

Just in case you don’t have the tiny charging cable mentioned in number 5, you could always carry this ultra slim fully functional cell phone as a spare in case your main phone loses all battery power.

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