This Man Recycled Old Surfboards Into Absolutely Stunning Art

For the past year, a Reddit user named ‘gromace’ has been collecting old surfboards and recycling them into beautiful works of art. They’ve each been assigned clever names that match the amazing artwork. It’s true what they say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We’ve provided images of gromace’s masterpieces below for your viewing pleasure.

1. Bells Beach

Surfboard 1

2. Tiki

Surfboard 2

3. Sun’s Out Buns Out

Surfboard 3

4. Shark Bite

Surfboard 4

5. Poseidon

Surfboard 5

6. Kombi Surf Scene

Surfboard 6

7. Kelly Slater

Surfboard 7

8. Bells Beach Featuring A Storm

Surfboard 8

9. Mandala

Surfboard 9

10. Santa Monica Pier

Surfboard 10