New Bionic Lens Can Give You 3x Better Than 20/20 Vision

Treatments for vision loss have evolved from eyeglasses, to contact lenses, to laser eye surgery over time. It was only a matter of time until the next generation of optical treatments was invented. And that time is now. Imagine being able to have better than perfect vision, at any age or stage of your life. A new lens – dubbed the ‘Bionic Lens’  –  created by a Canadian company called Ocumetics led by Dr. Garth Webbs, promises to do just that.
Here’s what’s so special about this lens:
It not only restores vision, but Dr. Webbs claims their lens can enhance vision by up to 3x. That means 3x better than perfect 20/20 vision!

The Ocumetics Bionic Lens created by Dr. Garth Webbs. The creators claim the lens is capable of providing 3x better than 20/20 vision.

The procedure to implant the bionic lenses is ‘quick and painless’, borrowing surgical techniques from cataract surgery – the most common and successful surgery practiced in medicine. The procedure takes 8 minutes to complete, and is done by folding the lens into a syringe that’s loaded with a saline (salt water) solution and then transferring it into the patient’s eye. The lens then unfolds and vision is restored to the patient within 10 seconds, according to Dr. Webbs.

The syringe that would be used to implant the Bionic Lens into a patient’s eye. The lens is folded and loaded into the syringe which contains a saline solution. The procedure is said to take 8-10 minutes in total, and vision is restored within 10 seconds of the procedure’s completion.

The lens is made of ‘inert biocompatible polymeric materials that do not cause adverse biophysical changes within the eye’, or in other words the lens is made of materials that will not irritate the eye or cause any type of damage. No word yet on the cost of the lens or the surgical procedure, or even if it will be covered by medical insurance providers.
It’s estimated that the Bionic Lens’ time to market could be as soon as 2 years from now, pending the outcome of animal testing and clinical trials. This may revolutionize the vision repair industry. If the procedure is covered by insurance, I can see many people who are too nervous or afraid to undergo laser eye surgery opting to perform this procedure as an alternative. What do you think? Would you be willing to undergo this procedure to achieve 3x better than 20/20 vision?