This Brilliant Faucet Design Conserves Water By Swirling It Into Absolutely Stunning Patterns

London design student, Simin Qiu, has developed a futuristic brilliant faucet design that actually conserves water by forcing its output it into elegant, swirling patterns.  Operated by the touch of a button, Qiu’s Swirl faucet forces water to flow through dual spinning turbines. The result?
Mesmerizing pattens of water flow.
Perhaps most impressive, Qui (a student of London’s Royal College of Art) designed the faucet in such a way that  the output flow is reduced by 15% compared to conventional faucets, making it environmentally-friendly in addition to aesthetically pleasing. In the current design, the faucet is supposed to operate under 3 nozzle options, each producing a different output pattern.  You can learn more about the Swirl faucet and Qiu’s other projects on Behance.
Although the faucet’s design is supposed to conserve water, I’m pretty sure that if I had this faucet installed in my home, I would just end up wasting even more water because I’d have the tap running all the time to see the beautiful flow.