He Parks His Car In The Handicap Spot. What Happens Next Is Pure Karma

The next time you’re considering illegally parking your car in a handicap parking spot, you should definitely reconsider. Especially if you’re driving around in Brazil. A Brazilian man illegally parked his vehicle in a handicap parking spot. That’s when the group behind the Canal Boom! prankster YouTube channel decided to take things into their own hands.

Check out the full video below.

In the minutes that follow, the pranksters can be seen individually placing hundreds of blue post-it notes onto the man’s car. They also work in the handicapped symbol of a man in a wheelchair into their display. All of this was to the amusement of the crowds that gathered.

Even a police offers stops to inquire about what’s happening, but that doesn’t deter the pranksters. By the time the owner returns, his vehicle is completely covered in post-it notes, and he initially doesn’t even recognize his own car. It’s only after he removes the post-its from the license plate that he realizes that it’s HIS vehicle that’s been covered. Needless to say, he is less than pleased at what’s been done to his car, and he must certainly be embarrassed by the crowds mocking and laughing at him.

The angry man begins to tear off the post-its in a fit of rage, and the crowd begins to cheer mockingly, many of them with cell phones in hand. He eventually manages to clear enough post-its off the windshield and rear window to afford him some visibility, and then proceeds to speed off, leaving a trail of post-its behind him.

Let’s hope this man learned his lesson and will never illegally park in a handicap spot again.