Mom Epically Pranks Her Son For His 8th Birthday

Prank videos on the Net are nothing new. There are thousands of prank videos and entire YouTube channels dedicated to boyfriends pranking their girlfriends, girlfriends pranking their boyfriends, college kids pranking their roommates, kids pranking their parents, and people pranking random strangers.

What we don’t see too often are quality, harmless pranks coming from parents pranking their own children. Here’s a great video of a mom doing just that.

The mom calls her 8 year old son into the room, holding a package in her hand with his name on it. She demands an explanation, angrily asking if he’s been ordering stuff off the Internet or the TV. The boy repeatedly says “no”, with a worried look on his face. He should be worried, because he clearly sees the package being addressed to him personally. He must be equally confused as he is worried.

At one point in the video, the mother turns and looks to the camera with a smirk on her face, and we realize at this point that she’s pranking him.

What happens a few moments later? His reaction is priceless.