Sword Master Faces Off Against Sword-Swinging Robot. Just Amazing!

Isao Machii is a Iaijyutsu master and 5 time world record holder. His abilities were unmatched by anyone until the The Yaskawa Electric Corporation decided to do something about that. Iaijyutsu is a sword technique cultivated from ancient times that takes years of practice to mater.

Yaskawa, a Japan-based manufacturer of electrical parts like servos and motors, recently teamed up Isao in an awesome experiment. The team hooked up Isao to sensors that record his body movements in 3D space and transmit them to a computer that analyzes his motions. Then, they asked Isao to perform various sword techniques, and through this process Yaskawa was able to train their industrial robot to become a Iaijyutsu master.

Isao and the robot then squared off to find out which of them is a better swordsman.

In what is probably the most suspenseful part of the video, Isao and the robot team up in the “1000 cut challenge”. As you can probably guess by the title, in this part of the competition the duo works together to make 1000 cuts in various poles. Aside from the obvious entertainment value in this technology, it could have huge value in various work settings where these kinds of machine-learning exercises could train robots to perform tasks that are unsafe or impractical for humans to perform.