The 10 Worst Teachers Of All Time. Be Thankful #7 Wasn’t Yours!

Teachers have tough jobs. It seems like with each passing generation, kids become more and more disrespectful to authority figures. Also, teachers nowadays have less flexibility when it comes to methods they can use to maintain control of their classrooms. Whereas spanking unruly students was common practice even just half a century ago, nowadays it is perceived as completely unacceptable (even though it is technically still legal in many states in the USA). A large portion of parents don’t even spank their kids at home, so you can understand why they’d be uncomfortable with their children being spanked at school.

However, let’s face it.

Kids can be brats. They can get on our last nerves and they can push our patience to its limits.

That’s why teaching is not a job for the feint of heart. And it definitely is not the job for these 10 people. Check out this video to find out why these people are the 10 worst teachers of all time.