This Boy Misbehaves In School. His Father’s Reaction Is Priceless.

Children misbehaving is no news story. Part of being human is to make mistakes and learn from them, and this is especially true during childhood when kids spend a great deal of their time just learning. Part of childrens’ learning process involves testing the rules and boundaries that are created for them. When they step out of bounds, any good parent/guardian will discipline the child by informing him or her about the mistake he/she made and administering some form of corrective punishment.

In this day and age of a multitude of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine where your life is made public for everyone’s consumption, some parents have taken to social media to discipline their children.

There is the case of the mother who embarrassed her daughter on video for posting illicit photos online, and uploaded the video on YouTube which eventually gathered over 10-million views.

We can’t forget about the mother who shaved her stepson’s head for smoking marijuana and posted the video on Facebook to further humiliate him.

In this video, we have a similar scenario where a father chooses to address his son’s misbehaviour through social media. But what he does will surprise you.

The video starts off by the father sitting his son down and explaining that he is about to shave his head because of his misbehaviour. Soon after he appears to begin shaving the boy’s head, the father stops, turns off the clippers, hugs his son and tells him he loves him, before sending him off to play.

What happens next?

The man begins to speak into the camera and offers some truly remarkable insight. He insists that as a father, he would never embarrass or humiliate his son on social media. He goes on to describe the dangers of humiliating children over social media, including depression, and suicide.

He chooses to discipline his son through more traditional means, such as grounding him or taking away his toys and privileges, all done (importantly) in the privacy of their home. Let’s stop the growing trend of disciplining our children on social media. Let’s deal with these issues where they should be deaklt with: at home.