This Guy Got ARRESTED For Saving A Life. Would You Do The Same?

A blazing fire broke out in this building complex, and firefighters were struggling to put it out. Water was in short supply, which made matters worse. Standing on the sidelines was Jared Martin, a resident of one of the apartments in the burning building.

Jared was told by firefighters that the fire would be put out before it would reach his apartment. But Jared couldn’t just stand there any longer. He was told that he would be arrested if he tried to enter the building.

But why was he trying to enter it in the first place? Turns out, Jared was just trying to save a life. His dog’s life, to be precise. Check out the full video below.

Jared’s dog was stuck in his apartment. And he was beginning to lose faith in the fire department’s promise that they would save his dog. Ignoring orders to stay behind the safety lines, Jared lept into action and run toward his apartment, climbing up poles to get to this balcony almost like a superhero. He broke the sliding glass door, grabbed his dog, and emerged back outside a hero for just saving his dog’s life.

His reward?

Being placed under arrest. The firefighters and police officers were surely just concerned for Jared’s own safety, and such laws forbidding citizens to run into burning buildings exist for a reason. However, Jared says that if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing. Personally, I think Jared is a hero, and I’m sure his dog does too. If you agree, please share this article with a fellow dog-lover!