This Guy Quit His Job In The Most Epic Way Possible. You’ll Never Guess How.

Have you ever had the type of job that you wish you could just quit and make a huge statement while doing it? Just to make sure everyone knows that you’re leaving and moving on to bigger and better things? We’ve all been there, and so has this guy.

But this guy actually did something about it. Instead of just handing in a resignation letter, this guy hired a vocal quintet to join him in declaring his freedom as he quit his job in the most epic way.

His co-workers and the customers were clearly confused at the beginning of his demonstration, but soon after the show started, you can see everybody bursting into laughter and almost in disbelief. The guy was classy with the performance, and overall he put on a quite a show for everyone at the shop.

Let’s hope he won’t need a recommendation letter for his future jobs because something tells me his boss might not be too enthusiastic about giving him one.